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How to Use the Gentle Guide Framework for Safety and Efficiency

Gentle guide is a hand-holding, employee-facing gamification framework, designed to help employees complete a process of steps – be they everyday job tasks or a specific process-oriented training program for required certifications in a gamification environment.


Suppose you’re a cog-producing facility that wants to reduce the number of work-related injuries and increase employee efficiency. In that case, you might use the gentle guide gamification framework to set up missions that reward the following repetitive gameplay behaviors:

  • Clocking in: 5 points

  • Refilling the metal slugs bin at 11 a.m.: 10 points

  • Clocking out at lunch time: 5 points

  • Clocking in when lunch ends: 5 points

  • Refilling metal slugs bin at 3 p.m.: 10 points

  • Checking fluid levels in the cog grinder: 10 points

  • Clocking out: 5 points

Do a little math, and you’ll notice that employees can earn a perfect dailygameplay score of 50 points. On top of that, you might also define some bonus-point opportunities:

  • Reporting another employee for not using handrails while crossing over the cog grinder: 20 points

  • Finishing a day with no rejected cogs: 10 points

  • Finish a day with 400+ cogs punched: 10 points

To make things more interesting, you could give every employee who scores 250 or more gameplay points in a week a special reward — say, a $50 bonus or a gift card to a local restaurant. Employees scoring 300 or more might be entitled to something even sweeter — maybe $100 or lunch with the CEO.

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