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QR Codes can help developers meet the expectations of their mobile audience. Just as people expect mobile sites to be as functional as apps, they have preferences on what mobile sites should deliver. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing what your QR Code will link to.

In 2011, a survey of 415 smartphone users by marketing firm MGH in Baltimore, Maryland, showed that consumers would scan a QR Code for these reasons.


Meeting user expectations for what QR Codes should link to can increase your chances for success. It gives users a predictable outcome with a new technology, perhaps reinforcing the value of scanning QR Codes in the first place.

Be careful with form fields! Imagine this: You scan a QR Code to apply for a product refund. Wow, what a great way to do it! Your heart sinks though when you see that you ended up on a regular web page with a dozen or more tiny boxes to fill in. That’s a terrible waste of a good QR Code. Fortunately, you can optimize form fields for mobile devices.


Two options for creating mobile forms are Google Docs and Formstack.

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