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The Normal template — referred to by its filename, NORMAL.DOTM — is a special file in Word 2007. The template is where Word stores all the settings made for any new document you create with the Ctrl+N shortcut or by choosing Blank Document from the New Document window.

Knowing about NORMAL.DOTM is important because you can change the Normal template. For example, if you want to change the standard font and size (and whatever other formatting) Word uses when it opens a new document, simply make those changes to NORMAL.DOTM; change the font and margins for the Normal style, and then save NORMAL.DOTM back to disk.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make too many changes to NORMAL.DOTM. It's a good idea to keep NORMAL.DOTM as a baseline standard, so rather than modify it too much, consider creating another template instead.

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