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A mandoline, a rectangular, hand-operated food slicer that slices vegetables quickly. The mandolin has interchangeable blades to give you different vegetable slices — julienne, wavy, plain, even lattice cuts. Compared to slicing vegetables with a knife, a mandoline is a breeze — the size of the slices is always consistent.

The blades on a mandoline are extremely sharp, so always use the hand guard to hold the food while slicing.

  1. Place the mandoline on a secured cutting board.

    Make sure the cutting board won’t slide around on the counter so that you can keep control of the mandoline.

  2. Choose a slicing blade and adjust it to the thickness you want.

    image0.jpg image1.jpg

    Most mandolines come with a variety of slicing blades, creating different textured slices.

  3. If your vegetable is too bulky to fit the width of the box, cut it down to size.

    For example, you may need to cut a whole onion in half to slice it.

  4. Place the vegetable on the blade and place the hand guard firmly on the vegetable.

    Make sure you have a good grip on the hand guard.

  5. Use the guard to run the vegetable rapidly up and down over the slicing blade.

    The slices fall onto the cutting board.

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