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If you are upgrading to Lion Server from Mac OS X 10.5, you will need to do special maneuvering to migrate contacts. Mac OS X Server 10.5 didn’t have Address Book Server but instead had something called Shared Contacts.

Although you can’t upgrade a 10.5 Server to Lion Server, you can migrate version 10.5.8 to Lion Server. But before you use Lion’s Server Assistant to automate the migration, you need to manually migrate the old Address Book Server’s Shared Contacts. The only way to do this is from the command line within Terminal which you will find in the /Applications/Utilities folder. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the server and launch Terminal.

  2. Type the following command on one line, replacing the italics with your own information:

    /usr/sbin/ContactsMigrator -s /LDAPv3/serverName 
       -d http://yourserverName:8800/addressbooks/groups/mygroup/addressbook/
       -u username -p password

    The server name is the fully qualified domain name of your Address Book Server. The username and password are those of the system administrator. Note also that in this example, 8800 is the port number; if you’re using another port number (such as 8843 for SSL), type that number.

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