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Whenever Spotify launches an update to its software, it rolls out that update automatically — you don’t have to take any action, such as clicking an Update button. No longer do you have to deal with some pop-up message telling you that the latest version of such-and-such is available, and do you want to download it?

However, those who don’t like change may find it a little disconcerting to see something new suddenly pop up with no warning. Thankfully, although the young and talented innovators at Spotify introduce new features and fix any bugs every few weeks, these tweaks usually don’t have any significant impact on your experience.

In fact, after people hear about any cool changes issued by the Spotify folk, those people start clamoring to find out why they don’t yet have the latest version. Spotify rolls out its automatic updates to listeners on a gradual basis to reduce the impact on its servers.

If you desperately need to download the latest version, you can always go straight to the download page and reinstall the entire program. (Any previous settings should be retained, as long as you don’t uninstall your existing installation first.)

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