How to Open Web Pages from Safari on Your iPhone
How to Bookmark Web Pages in Safari on Your iPhone
How to Open a Web Page on Your iPhone

How to Type a Web Address in Your iPhone 5

You can get to a web page on your iPhone 5 in lots of different ways, but the most common way of visiting a site for the first time is by typing a website’s address:


Tap the Safari icon at the bottom of the Home screen.

You'll see the controls shown here.


Tap the Address box.

The keyboard comes up.

There may already be an address in the Address box. To quickly clear the field all at once, tap the X icon that appears at the right of the Address box.


Type the address.

As you type, Safari lists sites you've already visited with similar names. Tap any of the addresses to immediately jump to that site.


Tap the Go button.

To view the previous page, tap the Back (left-facing arrow) button. If you've tapped the Back button at least once, the Forward (right-facing arrow) button appears, allowing you to return to the original page.

You can view most any web page widescreen by turning your iPhone horizontally.

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