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When you send your message depends on a couple of different factors with data driven marketing. Seasonality is a big one. You want to be marketing products to your customers when they actually need them. Not selling snow shovels in July, at least in most places, may seem obvious. But seasonality may not always be so obvious.

Christmas specialty stores are a puzzling example. How could these places stay open all year around? Isn’t Christmas the ultimate seasonal marketing opportunity? It’s because these stores are located in destination vacation spots.

The attraction of these stores has as much to do with preserving the memory of a vacation as it does with Christmas. It’s not the holiday season that makes them relevant — it’s the timing of the customer’s vacation. Another factor to consider is how long it takes your customer to make a purchase decision. For example, impulse buys require far less lead time than international vacations do.

Understanding how your customers make purchase decisions is a popular topic for survey research. You can also learn something from looking at past campaigns to see how long it took for people to respond. You can actually get quite sophisticated in timing your campaigns.

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