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Timing is everything even in the sharing of infographics. A cliché, true — but this cliché has serious implications when it comes to promoting your infographic. Choosing the wrong time can make or break your promotion.

Timing is also of the essence when it comes to sharing your work on social media. When using Twitter, people often tweet out their infographic once, then just hope for the best. Twitter allows you to post many times in a week, however, and you should take advantage of this.

The inherent nature of Twitter means that people’s feeds move very quickly and become very crowded. Therefore, promoting your work in several tweets reduces the chances that your work will be overlooked. A much more effective approach is to follow these steps:

  1. Queue up three or four key facts from your infographic.

  2. Tweet them out over the course of a week, each time linking to the infographic.

  3. Send a follow-up tweet a week or so later.

With Facebook, share your work in one post on Monday, and then another post on Friday. For each one, use a different visual image to catch readers’ eyes. Facebook is very different from Twitter when it comes to this, and you should not do too many posts. Make your posts high-quality; then let them stand on their own.

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