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How to Target Updates on Your Facebook Business Page

You may find that some updates on your Facebook Business page aren’t relevant to your entire audience. In those cases, you can customize who sees your updates. First turn on Post Targeting and Privacy. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Type your status update as you normally do.

  2. Click the Public button below the status update box and choose Location/Language.

    The Control Who Can See Your Post window appears.

  3. In the Location text box, type a country name.

    New choices appear below the Location text box. The choices are dependent on which country you enter and may include Everywhere, By State/Province, and By City.

  4. Select the option you’d like to target and enter any required information.

    If you select By State/Province or By City, a new text box appears. Enter the state, province, or city here.

  5. (Optional) In the Language text box, type a language.

    You can target a specific country, state/province, or city without specifying a language. You can also target a specific language without specifying a specific country, state/province, or city.

  6. Click Save Post Settings.

    You’re returned to your original status update.

  7. Click the Post button.

    Your post is shared only with followers who meet the criteria of your customization.

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