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How to Synchronize Your Google Account with Your Galaxy Tab

After your Samsung Galaxy Tab has been activated, the next step in configuring it is to synchronize the device with your Google account. Obey:

  1. Start the Galaxy Tab, if you haven’t already.

  2. If necessary, unlock the screen.

  3. Choose your language and touch the Start button.

  4. Ensure that there is a green check mark by the items listed on the Use Google’s Location Service screen.

    The two items help the Tab find itself on the Planet Earth. If the items aren’t selected, touch the little square next to each item to place a green check mark there.

  5. Touch the Next button.

  6. If prompted, enter the date and time.

    Wi-Fi tabs that aren’t currently connected to a network need to have their time updated.

  7. Touch the Next button again.

    It’s time to set up your Google account.

  8. Touch the Email text box and type your Google account name.

    Use the onscreen keyboard to type your Google account’s e-mail address into the Email text box.

  9. Touch the Password field and type your Google account password.

  10. Touch the Sign In button.

  11. Ensure that there are two green check marks for the items on the Backup and Restore screen.

    With both check marks in place, the information on your Tab is synchronized with existing information in your Google account on the Internet.

  12. Touch the Done button.

  • The information synchronized on the Galaxy Tab includes the following items from your Google account on the Internet: the contact list, Gmail messages, calendar appointments, etc.

  • One of the first things you may notice to be synchronized between your Tab and Google is your Gmail inbox.

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