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When you’re satisfied that the Glassware you’ve developed is ready for users, submit it for inspection at the Glassware Distribution page.

Naturally, Google wants all the software it offers in MyGlass to be high-quality. To meet that goal, it requires developers to follow a launch checklist, which includes the following items:

  • Review the app to ensure that it reflects Google’s best practices for Glassware development. Get the latest information about best practices.

  • Follow Google’s branding and writing requirements, such as writing Glassware descriptions in English.

  • If your site has a website that you use to promote your Glassware, follow Google’s requirements for designing the site.

  • Confirm that you tested the Glassware on your Glass by using the software as users would.

  • Provide graphics and screen shots that can be used to promote your Glassware.

If you’re not intimidated by this partial list, read the entire checklist of requirements.

As with any task that goes through a checklist review, the review process will go more quickly if you meet all these requirements to a T.

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