If your heating bills are getting you down, consider these suggestions for keeping your home warm without breaking the bank. Stay cozy-warm and still save money on your heating bills:

  • Turn down the thermostat. The simplest way to save money on heating is to turn down your furnace a couple degrees.

    Lower the temperature even further at night when you’re sleeping. Toss on an extra blanket if you’re still a bit chilled.

  • Close the vents and doors in rooms that aren’t in use for long periods of time.

  • A ceiling fan set to push air down keeps warm air circulating to the lower regions of the house.

  • Let steamy air from the bathroom escape into the rest of the house after a shower.

  • Add a layer of air between your windows and the great outdoors (the air insulates much better than the window glass alone).

    • If you have storm windows, use them.

    • Stretch thick sheets of plastic across the inside of your window frames.

    • Hang heavy curtains that you can pull closed at night.

      During the day, open your curtains, especially those on southern windows, for passive solar heating.

    • Use a draft stopper at the bottom of outside doors. You can make one, buy an inexpensive one, or roll up a bathroom towel and place it next to the bottom of the door.

    • Close the flue on your fireplace when you’re not using it.

      Leaving a fireplace flue open is like having a vacuum hose hooked to your house, sucking the warm air right out the chimney.