Splitting the screen enables you to view two parts of your Word 2007 document in the same window. The top half of the window shows one part of the document, and the bottom half another. Each half of the screen scrolls individually, and so you can peruse different parts of the same document without switching windows.


Click the View tab.


Click the Split button.

A gray bar slashes the document window from left to right. That's where the window splits, eventually.


Use the mouse to move the gray bar up or down.


Click the mouse to split the window.

The split falls into place. Both document views, above or below the split, can be scrolled individually. To edit in one half or the other, click the mouse.


To remove the split, double-click it with the mouse.

Poof! It's gone.


(Optional) Double click on the small bar button above the Show/Hide Ruler button to instantly split the window.

Double-clicking that bar, or dragging it downward with the mouse, is the fastest way to split a window.