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How to Sign Up to Take the GED

Once you have determined that you need to take the GED, you will need to sign up to take the test. When you're actually ready to sign up for the test, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact your local GED test administrator or go to the GED Testing Service Website to make sure you're eligible.

  2. Ask the office for an application (if needed) or an appointment.

  3. Complete the application (if needed).

  4. Return the application to the proper office, with payment, if necessary.

    The fees vary state by state, so contact your local administrator or testing site to find out what you have to pay to take the tests. In some states, if you fall into a low-income bracket, you can have the fees paid for you.

Note: You can also do all of this online, including submitting the payment, either with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Go to the GED Testing Service website to start the process.

Never send cash by mail to pay for the GED test. Most local administrators have payment rules and don't accept cash. Make sure you know the rules prior to arriving for your testing date and have the necessary payment on hand.

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