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How to Share Files from Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Dropbox

A handy way to share files between a computer and your Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy tablet is to use the Dropbox app. Once installed, any files saved to your Dropbox folders are immediately synchronized across both your computer and the tablet. That makes sharing files a snap.

If Dropbox isn’t already installed on your tablet, obtain the Dropbox app by visiting the Google Play Store. It’s free.

On a computer, obtain a copy of Dropbox by visiting the Dropbox website and downloading the program. Dropbox is free and comes with a generous amount of online storage at no extra charge.

Dropbox is used on your computer just like any other storage. You can create folders and files, manage files, and do anything else you’d normally do using Windows Explorer on a PC or the Finder on a Mac. The difference is that all the files and folders you create in your Dropbox folder are duplicated on other computers and devices that share your Dropbox account.

For example, files you save to your Dropbox folder on a PC are instantly available via the Dropbox app on your Galaxy tablet. To move a file back and forth, just save it to a Dropbox folder. The process is nearly instantaneous.

  • File management on your Galaxy tablet is done by using the my Files app.

  • You can configure the tablet so that pictures and videos you take are instantly uploaded to Dropbox.

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