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Mail is a program in OS X Mountain Lion for sending, receiving, and organizing your e-mail. Mail is fast and easy to use, too. Click the Mail icon in the Dock or Launchpad or double-click the Mail icon in the Applications folder to launch Mail. The Mail icon looks like a canceled postage stamp.

If this is your first time launching Mail from within Mountain Lion, you need to set up your e-mail account(s) before you can proceed. A set of New Account screens appears automatically. Just fill in the blanks on each screen and click the Continue button until you’re finished.

If you don’t know what to type in one or more of these fields, contact your ISP (Internet service provider) or mail provider for assistance.

After you’ve set up one or more e-mail accounts, you see a Welcome message asking whether you’d like to see what’s new in Mail. If you click Yes, Help Viewer launches and shows you the What’s New in Mail page (while Mail’s main window appears in the background). Or if you click No, Mail’s main window appears as the active window immediately.


Mail’s main window is actually called a viewer window or message viewer window. You can have more than one of them on your screen, if you like; just choose File→New Viewer Window or press Command+Option+N.

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