To set up a triggered animation in a PowerPoint presentation, set up the animation you want to play when the trigger is clicked and decide which element on your PowerPoint slide you will click to trigger it. For example, if you want a PowerPoint text box to spin when you click a five-pointed star on your slide, apply a spin effect to the text box and take note of how the five-pointed star is listed in the Custom Animation task pane. As part of setting up a trigger, you have to tell PowerPoint which element you want to click to trigger the animation.

Select the animation that will play when you click the trigger, and follow these steps to set up a triggered animation:


Open the element’s drop-down list on the Custom Animation task pane and choose Timing.

The Timing tab of the Effect Options dialog box displays.


Click the Triggers button.

Triggers options appear at the bottom of the dialog box.


Select the Start Effect on Click Of option button.

Trigger start options display.


Choose the element on your slide that you will click to start the animation.

The elements on your slide are listed in the drop-down list.


Click OK.

PowerPoint places the trigger icon, a trigger finger, next to the animation that plays when you click the trigger element. Triggers on the slide are listed in the Custom Animation task pane.