How to Set Up a Link to Your eBay Listings from Your Website

Until you get your own eBay store up and running, setting up a link to your listings from your website or blog is a great alternative. That way, visitors to your site can browse your listings directly on eBay. You can produce your own listing gallery without any fancy programs or auction-management software, and at no additional cost.

To make a link to your eBay listings without installing fancy scripts, you need to do two things:

  1. Test the following URL in your browser, substituting your own User ID in place of the bold italics:

    Here is a sample of what you might see when you add your own link.

  2. After checking your link, insert the following HTML into your site to include a link to your eBay sales:

    <a href=””> <b>Click <I>here</I> to view YourUserID Gallery</b> </a >

    You can also use this in your e-mails to customers to show them just what’s for sale at any given moment. This is a good way to make it easier on your customers. They don’t have to go searching for you. You bring the browsing to them.

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