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When you create new accounts in Lion Server, they aren’t set to be administrators. However, you can enable users to be server administrators and/or directory administrators. Server administrators can use Server Admin to modify services and settings of Lion Server. Directory administrators have privileges to change user and group settings.

To enable a user to be a server administrator:

  1. Log in to Workgroup Manager.

  2. Click the Accounts icon in the toolbar and then click the Basic tab.

  3. Select a user and then select the User Can Administer This Server check box to allow users to administer this server.

To enable a user to be a directory administrator, click the Privileges tab and choose Limited or Full from the Administration Capabilities pop-up menu.

For a limited administrator, you can add users or groups that the account will manage by clicking the Add (+) button on the right. A list of users and groups slides out the side of the window. Drag users and groups from the slide-out list to the User Can Administer field.

You can also set the levels of administration by selecting the Manage User Passwords, Edit Managed Preferences, Edit User Information, and Edit Group Membership check boxes for each user or group added to the limited administration list.

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