The Window menu in Photoshop CS6 controls the display of panels and some other elements of the Photoshop workspace. The top two entries on the Window menu enable you to control the display arrangement of your open documents and manage your workspaces.


On the Window→Arrange submenu, you can tell Photoshop to tile (butt edge to edge) or cascade (stack) all open documents. You may also choose from 2–, 3–, 4–, or 6–up in various configurations, depending on the number of images you have open. Your images must be floating in their windows to enable this option..

Photoshop also sports what’s referred to as an application frame Open documents are tabbed together neatly, one stacked behind the other. If you want your images to float within the application, choose Float in Window (for the currently selected image only) and Float All in Windows (for all your images) commands in the Arrange submenu.

Another item under the Window menu includes various workspace options enabling you to choose a workspace that fits your workflow. Selecting the Essentials workspace resets all your panels and menus to the default settings.

On the Extensions submenu, you find Kuler, which enables you to create, download, and share color themes and Mini Bridge that helps you browse and sort your image assets.

The remaining bulk of the Window menu contains a list of panels (in alphabetical order) and currently open documents.

Menu Command What It Does
Consolidate All to Tabs Takes your open floating documents and tabs them together under the Options bar.
Match Zoom Takes your open documents and matches the magnification percentage of your active document.
Match Location Takes your open documents and matches the location of your active document. For example, if you’re viewing the lower-left corner of your active document and choose Match Location, all your open documents display from the lower-left corner.
Match Rotation Takes your open documents and matches the canvas rotation of your active document.
Match All Employs all Match commands simultaneously.
New Window Opens another view of the same image, allowing you to work on a close-up part of the image while viewing results on the entire image.
Minimize (Mac only) Hides the image while placing the image’s thumbnail on the Dock. Click the thumbnail to restore the image in Photoshop.
Bring All to Front (Mac only) If you have multiple applications launched, thus multiple document windows open, this command brings all Photoshop documents to the front, ahead of any document windows from other open applications.