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Before you send e-mail messages on your Google Glass, you need to add e-mail contacts via the MyGlass website or the MyGlass app on your smartphone. It’s easy to send an e-mail message to someone else. Just follow these steps:


Say “OK Glass, send a message to.”

Glass displays your contacts list.


Speak the name of the intended recipient or select it by using the touchpad.

The Send Message To screen appears, as shown.


Speak your message.

As you do, the text appears below the recipient’s name, as shown.

A couple of seconds after you stop speaking, the Glass screen shows a message for a few seconds so that you can cancel the send by swiping down on the touchpad. If you do nothing, you see the text on the screen for a second or two; then the message appears as a card on your timeline. The recipient sees the words appended to the end of the message.

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