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How to Sell Items on eBay through Fixed Price Sales

Because e-commerce has morphed and consumer preferences have changed, you need to consider a more balanced approach to your eBay sales. Only after trial and error will you know how your specific products sell best. In the recent era of e-commerce, folks like to come to a site to buy items outright at a given price and participate in auctions.

eBay Stores are a great way to offer fixed-price items, but even without a store, you can list fixed-price items on the regular eBay site.

Fixed-price listings have a slightly different pricing structure on the site. You are given a certain amount of free listings on the site each month.

  • No eBay Store: Sellers without an eBay store get up to 50 free auction or fixed-price listings.

  • Basic Store sellers: Up to 150 free listings a month.

  • Premium Store sellers: Up to 500 free listings a month.

  • Anchor Store sellers: Up to 2,500 free listings a month.

After you’ve used your initial free listings, any fixed-price listing — regardless of starting price or number of items for sale — costs 30 cents. This is for a 3-, 5-, 7-, 10-, or 30-day listing, or a Good Till Cancelled listing. Great news, eh? If you’re selling media, the cost is even lower.

Items listed in the categories of Books, Music, DVDs & Movies, and Video Games are charged only 5 cents per listing for the same durations! Sounds great, huh? Well, there’s a catch. (You knew there’d be a catch, didn’t you?) You’ve got Final Value Fees to consider.

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