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How to Select inside a Word Table

Working with a table in Word 2013 often involves selecting one or more cells, rows, or columns. Here are the many ways to do this:

  • Drag across the cells you want to select.

  • Click in the upper-left cell you want to select and then hold down the Shift key and press arrow keys to extend the selection.

  • Click outside of the table on the left side to select an entire row.

  • Click outside of the table above the table to select an entire column.

  • Click the table selector icon (the four-headed arrow in a box; see the figure) in the upper-left corner of the table to select the entire table.

  • On the Table Tools tab, click the Select button and then choose what you want to select from the menu that appears.

  1. In table, click inside any cell of the table and then click the table selector icon. (Refer to the figure.)

    The entire table is selected.

  2. Click away from the table to deselect it.

  3. Position the mouse pointer to the left of the table, next to the second row, and click.

    That row becomes selected, as shown.

    In the figure, notice the plus sign near the mouse pointer. If you click the plus sign, a new row is added to the table at that position.

  4. Drag the mouse downward to row 4.

    Rows 3 and 4 also become selected.

  5. Position the mouse pointer above the first column so the pointer becomes a black down-pointing arrow and then click.

    The first column becomes selected.

  6. Click in the first cell and hold down the Shift key. Press the right-arrow key twice to extend the selection and then press the down-arrow key once to extend the selection.

    Three cells in each of the first two rows are selected.

  7. Click in the first cell again and drag down to the third cell in the third row to extend the selection.

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