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How to Search for eBay Items by Bidder

On the eBay Advanced Search page is the Items by Bidder option. Sellers and buyers alike use it when an auction is going on to figure out their strategies. A bidder search is similar to a seller search, except you can add a few bidding filters. You can see every item the bidder has won.

You may be wondering why you’d ever want to run a bidder search. Well, when you’ve been outbid by the same person several times, you might not need to ask that question. If you want an item badly enough, you’ll become interested in the bidding patterns of others.

When researching your competition, always check out other bidders’ completed auctions as well as the times they’ve been outbid. This will give you a good grasp of their bidding modus operandi.

When you see your search results, you may notice tiny icons next to some of the items. Here’s a key to what those little pictures mean.


The listing is new. The rising sun icon shows for the first 24 hours an item is listed.


Blue and yellow ribbons indicate that a portion (or all) of the final sale price is being donated to a non-profit via Giving Works.


The seller holds the Top Rated Plus level, which means that he or she has achieved the highest buyer ratings (detailed seller ratings), has a 14-day (or more) money-back return policy, and ships within one business day with tracking.


The member has an About Me page. Click this icon to go learn more about your possible trading partner.


You may purchase the item, prior to bidding (or meeting a reserve) for a set price without having it go into an auction.


The red door means the seller has an eBay store. Click the door to see what else is up for sale.


Click the small magnifying glass next to an image in search to see a larger version.

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