If you own an online business, stay on track by developing a schedule for your sales and shipping. Selling online, whether it's by yourself, with a partner, or with a team of employees, is full of tedious and time-consuming activities. You have to take and retake photos, edit those photos, get sales descriptions online, and do the packing and shipping that's required at the end of a sale.

The only way to come up with a sufficient number of online sales every week is to come up with a system. And a big part of coming up with a system is developing a weekly schedule.

The following schedule spells out when you need to do all your eBay activities if you plan to get your sales online on a Sunday. But you can adapt it to any number of online businesses and schedules.

Day of Week First Activity Second Activity (optional)
Sunday Get 7-day sales online Send end-of-sale notices
Monday Packing E-mails
Tuesday Shipping E-mails
Wednesday Plan garage sales Take photos
Thursday Go to garage sales Prepare descriptions
Friday More sales Prepare descriptions
Saturday Respond to buyer inquiries Get some sales online