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When you open a template in an Office 2011 application, a copy of the template is opened with a new filename so that the template file itself remains unchanged. That way, you can reuse the template whenever you need it. When you save a document as a template from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, your document is saved with the entire contents intact as a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint template.

A template includes everything, such as the document’s words, formatting, objects, pictures, graphs, charts, and content. Typically, people save a document that has room for additional content, such as a business letterhead or a form, as a template.

Each application has its own built-in templates, which you can choose from by choosing File→New From Template.

The letter t in the file extensions .dotx, .xltx, and .potx alerts you that you’re creating a template. Of course, PowerPoint’s regular file format .pptx also has a t in the second to last position, but that’s an exception!

You can easily save Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files as templates in the My Templates folder. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to follow:

  1. Create a document that has all the basic formatting you want to reuse in other documents you create henceforth.

    For example, you can make a letterhead document in Microsoft Word.

  2. Choose File→Save As.

    The Save As dialog appears.

  3. Type a filename for your template in the Save As text box.

  4. In the Format drop-down list, choose the appropriate template and then click the Save button.

    Depending upon which application you’re using to create the template, the appropriate format is one of the following:

    • Word Template (.dotx)

    • Excel Template (.xltx)

    • PowerPoint Template (.potx)

To make it easy for you, when you choose a template format, Office automatically saves your template in the My Templates folder by default, which is convenient for most users.

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