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How to Save a Document in Word 2010

The most important thing you can do to a Word 2010 document is save it. Create a permanent copy of what you see onscreen by saving the Word document as a file on the PC’s storage system. That way, you can use the document again, keep a copy for business reasons, publish it electronically, or just keep the thing for sentimental reasons:


Click the File tab and select the Save As command.

The Save As dialog box appears. You need to use the Save As dialog box is when you first create a document and if you want to save a document with a new name or to a different location on disk.


Type a name for your document in the File Name text box.

Word automatically selects the first line or first several words of your document as a filename and puts it in the Save dialog box. If that’s okay, you can move to Step 4. Otherwise, type a name in the File Name box.


(Optional) Choose a location for your file.

Use the various gizmos in the Save As dialog box to choose a specific folder for your document.


Click the Save button.

The file is now safely stored in the PC’s storage system. Your clue that the file has been successfully saved is that the name you’ve given it (the filename) now appears on the document’s title bar, near the top of the screen.

After you initially save your document by using the Save As dialog box, you can use the Save command merely to update your document, by storing the latest modifications while you write.

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