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You need to reset or restart Windows in two instances: You restart whenever Windows tells you to restart (usually after you install something new or make some change), and you restart whenever Something Strange happens. For some reason, a restart clears the computer’s head like a good nose blow, and things return to normal.


Click the Start menu button.

The Start menu opens.


Click the triangle icon in the lower-right of the Start menu.

The Shutdown menu appears to the right of that icon.


Choose the Restart command from the Shutdown menu.

Windows shuts itself down — almost as though it were turning the computer off. But, just at the moment the system would have turned off, it starts back up again — a restart.

If any files are unsaved, you’re asked to save them before shutting down.

Windows may initiate a restart on its own when upgrading, or you may have to click a button in a window to restart the computer.

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