You can easily remove a piece of content (an object, background, or unlikable person) from a digital photo by using your image-editing program. You can replace that removed piece, and no one can even tell that you removed anything. To get rid of something in a digital picture


Select the unwanted element with a selection tool, as shown in this figure.

Don’t worry about getting a little of the surrounding image, as long as it doesn’t remove someone else’s arm or the side of a face.


Press Delete to get rid of the selected element.

The background layer or any other underlying layer’s content now shows through the hole, like in this figure.


Fill the hole with other content.

You can copy content from elsewhere and paste it onto the hole or use the Clone tool to fill in the hole with sampled content from elsewhere in the image, as this figure shows.

If you want to remove a person from a photo but he or she is partially blocking other photo elements, consider bringing someone in from another picture and putting him or her in place of the person you’re deleting.