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Word 2013 offers so many formatting commands that it's possible for your text to look more like a pile of formatting remnants than anything that’s readable in any human language. Word understands this problem, so it created the Clear Formatting command to let you peel away all formats from your text, just like you peel the skin from a banana:

To blow away formatting from a block of selected text or the text the insertion pointer is on or future text you type, use the Clear Formatting command button in the Font group. The keyboard shortcut for this command is Ctrl+spacebar.

The Clear Formatting command removes any formats you've applied to the text: font, size, text attributes (bold or italic), color, and so on.

  • The Clear Formatting command removes the ALL CAPS text format but doesn’t change the case of text you created by using Shift, Caps Lock, or the Change Case command in Word.

  • Another key combination for Ctrl+spacebar is Ctrl+Shift+Z. Remember that Ctrl+Z is the Undo command. To undo formatting, all you do is add the Shift key, which may make sense — well, heck, if any of this makes sense.

  • Technically, the Ctrl+spacebar command restores characters to the formatting defined by the style you’re using. So if the Body style is 12-point Calibri, pressing Ctrl+spacebar restores that font and size. Don’t let this information upset or confuse you!

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