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Recording Facebook webcam videos is an easy, no-frills way to add marketing videos to your company’s Page without taking the time to develop a full marketing video. It works like this:

  1. Visit your company’s Page.

    On your Wall, you see different sharing options at the top. Click the Video icon. You see two options appear: Record a Video and Upload a Video.

  2. Click the Record a Video button.

    A dialog box may appear and prompt you to allow the Adobe Player to work. If it does, choose Allow and click the Close button.

  3. Press the red button to begin recording the video.

    Turn on the built-in microphone before you start. Press the button (now gray) again to stop the recording.

  4. Review your video.

    You can press Play to review your video.

    If you don’t like the video, press Reset to start over.

  5. Add a message.

    After you’re happy with the webcam recording, add to the box below it a message describing your video. You also choose with whom you want to share the video. Finally, click the Share button to publish it on your Page.

The webcam recording you’ve created is stored permanently in the Video section of your Page.

If you’re looking for a glossy brand image, avoid using the Facebook webcam recording feature. The quality of Facebook recordings isn’t good.

Just because you can quickly add videos by webcam doesn’t mean that they will be compelling. Quick videos deserve the same thought, planning, and scripting as any other marketing video.

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