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You need to record your investment profits in Quicken 2013. Perhaps regularly, you’ll receive distributions directly from the investment account’s investments that you don’t immediately reinvest. Instead, you’ll deposit these proceeds into the investment accounts’ cash account or money market account.

To record an income transaction directly into the investment account, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Enter Transactions button.

    If necessary, click the investment account to display the account’s information in a register and then click the Enter Transactions button. Quicken displays the dialog box used to enter investment transactions.

  2. Select Inc – Income (Div, Int, Etc.) in the Enter Transaction drop-down list box.

    Quicken displays the Inc – Income (Div, Int, Etc.) version of the investment transaction entry dialog box. The Inc – Income (Div, Int, Etc.) version of the investment transaction entry dialog box closely resembles the Reinvest – Income Reinvested dialog box.

  3. Enter the distribution date in the Transaction Date text box.

  4. Use the Transfer Account drop-down list to identify the account into which you’ll deposit the check that the mutual fund company sends you.

  5. (Optional) Type a brief description of the distribution in the Memo text box.

    Be creative — type your wedding anniversary, the name of your dog, or even a piece of data related to the dividend or distribution.

  6. Indicate the dividend or capital gains distribution amount.

    Enter the amount in the appropriate amount text box. A dividend goes into the Dividend box. A short-term capital gain goes into the Short-Term Cap Gain Dist box, and so on.

  7. Record the dividend or distribution transaction.

    When you click either the Enter/New or the Enter/Done button, you record the dividend. If you click the Enter/New button, Quicken leaves the dialog box open so that you can enter some other transactions.

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