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After you set up the loan and the loan payment in Quicken 2012, you’re ready to record the payment in (drum roll, please) the register. Complete the following steps to record a payment:

  1. Display the loan's register.

    Click the loan account in the Accounts bar.

  2. Display the View Loans dialog box.

    To do so, click the Account Actions button and choose the Loan Details command from the menu Quicken displays.

  3. Click the Make Payment button.

    Quicken displays a message box that asks whether the payment you’re making is a regular payment (one the lender expects) or an extra payment (perhaps to amortize the loan more quickly). After you select the payment type, Quicken displays either the Make Regular Payment or the Make Extra Payment dialog box.

  4. Describe the loan payment.

    If you’ve gotten this far, you don’t need the blow-by-blow account here. (Mostly, as you know, you just type stuff in boxes.)

  5. Click OK.

    Quicken enters the loan payment in the liability register and bank account register. You’re done.

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