Many twitterers use Twitter almost exclusively on their mobile phones. Text messaging (SMS) is the most basic way to access Twitter via your cellphone. In addition to sending tweets as SMS messages from your phone, you can receive your contacts’ tweets on your phone via SMS.


Open your own Home screen and, under Device Updates on the right sidebar, click phone to activate your phone notifications.

Now you can subscribe to receive SMS tweets from any or all of the people that you already follow on Twitter. Don’t confuse notifications with following, though. Following means you follow their updates generally via Twitter. Notifications are a more intimate connection where you get their every tweet as an SMS text on your phone. With notifications ON, you also get all your DMs via SMS.


Make a list of people whose tweets you really want to receive directly as SMS messages on your phone.

These people can be anyone — friends, family, influencers, clients — whatever works for you.


Go to each of those Twitter users’ profiles and select the updates on or updates off radio buttons to turn their notifications on or off.

You can also send a tweet to turn individuals’ message notifications on or off.

The maximum length for a standard text message is 160 characters, but Twitter’s maximum is 140 characters. You have to manually verify that you aren’t going over the Twitter limit because otherwise, Twitter cuts off your SMS tweet at 140 characters.

Make sure that your cellphone plan encompasses unlimited texting. Otherwise, your monthly bill may end up skyrocketing. Check before you enable SMS updates!