MySpace allows you (and everyone else) to send invitations, so you probably receive a few invitations that you want to read and consider. When you get a new MySpace invitation, you'll see the red Updates box appear above the Control Panel section of your home page:


Click the Update to see what your new invitation is all about.

The Event Invites box in your Mail Center, which lists the invitations you've received, opens.


Click an individual event invitation.

A link to the main event page and the simple greeting text appears.


If you want to see the invitation and all the details, click the Click Here to View Event Link.

A page with all the details about the event opens.


If the sender has requested an RSVP, you can use the RSVP section to make your selection — and send along a short message, as well.

For the most part, MySpace invitations are casual and informal.


Click the Reply Now button to send your RSVP information.

The organizer of the event receives a notice that you're planning to come.

When you're done viewing an invitation, it'll be marked as read and the New Event Invitation update disappears from your My Mail section on your profile page. To see the invitation again, go back to your Mail Center and select the Event Invites link.