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How to Purl Two Stitches Together

To work a decrease from the purl side, purl 2 stitches together (abbreviated p2tog) instead of knitting them together. You can purl 2 stitches together although most knitting patterns have you decrease on right side rows only. (The purl side is the “wrong” side.)

When you look at a p2tog decrease from the knit side, the stitches slant to the right, just like they do with a k2tog decrease.


Insert the RH needle purlwise into the next 2 stitches on the LH needle.

Position the needle like you were purling a single stitch, except insert the needle through two loops. You’re on your way to working a single p2tog decrease on the wrong (purl) side of your knitting.


Wrap the yarn around the RH needle.

Perform the action just like you were working a single purl stitch.


Pull the RH needle through the loop.

Again, purl the 2 stitches together as if they were 1 stitch.

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