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You can set your Privacy settings in WordPress by clicking the Privacy link on the Settings menu. Click it to display the Privacy Settings page. This page contains only two options, both of which concern visibility on your blog:

  • Allow Search Engines to Index This Site. This option is the default setting and means that you are freely allowing search engines to visit your blog and to list you in their search results, and letting your site be indexed in blog archive services such as Technorati.

  • Ask Search Engines Not to Index This Site. If you are one of those rare bloggers who doesn’t want that type of exposure for your blog, but you do want to let normal visitors (read: no search engines) see your blog, select this option.

Generally, you want search engines to be able to find your blog. However, if you have special circumstances, you may want to enforce your privacy settings. You might want to block search engines, for example, if the site you're using is one that you don’t want search engines to find. On the main Dashboard, in the Right Now box, is a note that says Search Engines Blocked.

This note exists only when you have your privacy settings set to block search engines. When you have Privacy On, search engines and other content bots can’t find your website.

Be sure to click the Save Changes button after you set all your options on the Privacy Settings page to make the changes take effect.

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