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The terrific thing about exhibiting at a trade show is that you’re not being spammy if you talk about your online community or your brand. People expect to hear more at your booth, so it’s not unsolicited information.

Many conferences have trade-show areas where businesses can purchase booths and use those booths as platforms to discuss their products or services and even their communities. In addition to having your salespeople promoting the brand’s products and services, you can set up a computer screen to show potential members what the brand’s community has to offer.

Trade shows can host thousands of people, many of whom will walk by your booth to familiarize themselves with your brand or request more information. A trade-show booth is a perfect place to recruit new members because visitors are voluntarily requesting information from you and have time to discuss the benefits of your online community in depth.

Because trade shows target specific markets, you can pick the shows that best fit with your brand and community. Potentially, everyone in attendance may have an interest in your community.

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