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Printing the information you need from a web page is easy to do on your MacBook. Just a couple of clicks, and you’re ready to go. If you encounter a page you want to print, follow these steps:

  1. Display the desired page.

  2. Choose File→Print or press ⌘+P.

  3. In the Save As text field, type a name for the saved page.

  4. Select the number of copies.

  5. Specify whether you want to print the entire page, only the current page, or a range of pages.

  6. Click Print.

After the Save file has been created, double-click it to load it in Safari.

A quick word about printing a page in Safari: Some combinations of background and text colors might render your printed copy worthless. In a case like that, try one of these suggestions:

  • Use your printer’s grayscale setting (if it has one).

  • Click the Show Details button and deselect the Print Backgrounds check box in the Print dialog; doing so can save you quite a bit of ink or toner.

  • Simply click and drag to select the text on the page; press ⌘+C to copy it; and then paste the text into TextEdit, Word, or Pages. There you can print the page on a less offensive background (while still keeping the text formatting largely untouched).

You can also save the contents of a page as a PDF file by choosing File→Export as PDF.

If you’d rather mail the contents of a web page to a friend, click the Share button and choose Email This Page. (If you’ve added the Mail button to your toolbar, one click does the job.) Mail loads automatically, complete with a prepared e-mail message. Just address it to the recipients and click Send.

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