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How to Print an Image from Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet to a Bluetooth Printer

Yes, your Samsung Galaxy tablet is wireless. Yes, it’s mobile. No, it shouldn’t have a printer attached, but golly, it’s almost a crime not to be able to print some of those incredible images you’ve captured with your Galaxy tablet. So rather than break the law and leave the images on the tablet, you can instead print from your tablet.

You have several options, including using a printer with Bluetooth capabilities.

To print an image from your tablet to a Bluetooth printer, follow five very simple these steps and in no time you can hold the image from your tablet in your hands.

  1. Ensure that the Bluetooth printer has been paired with the computer, is on, and is ready to print.

  2. Locate the image you want to print in the Gallery.

    Show the image full screen, not in an album.

  3. Touch the Bluetooth icon.

    If you don’t see that icon, tap the touchscreen. If you still don’t see it, tap the Share icon (and choose Bluetooth.)

  4. Select the Bluetooth printer from the list.

  5. If prompted by the printer, confirm that the image upload is okay.

    Not every Bluetooth printer has such a prompt, but don’t panic; some just go ahead and print the image.

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