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By default the All option of PowerPoint Print command is selected so your entire PowerPoint presentation prints. The Print Range area of the PowerPoint Print dialog box has options that enable you to tell PowerPoint to print specific portions of your presentation:

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  • Current Slide: Prints just the current slide. Before you invoke the Print command, move to the slide that you want to print. Then select this option in the Print dialog box and click OK. This option is handy when you make a change to one slide and don’t want to reprint the entire presentation.

  • Selection: Prints just the portion of the presentation that you selected before invoking the Print command. First, select the slides that you want to print. Then open the Print command, click the Selection option, and click OK. (Note that this option is grayed out if nothing is selected when you call up the Print dialog box.)

  • Custom Show: If you set up one or more custom slide shows, you can use this option to select the show that you want to print.

  • Slides: Lets you select specific slides for printing. You can print a range of slides by typing the beginning and ending slide numbers, separated by a hyphen. Or you can list individual slides, separated by commas. And you can combine ranges and individual slides.

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