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Kitchen burns can happen very easily — while taking a hot pan from the oven or draining boiled pasta, for example. Prevent kitchen burns by making these safety precautions a habit:

  • Always use oven mitts when taking things out of the oven or removing things from the stove. Protective mitten types are good for taking things out of the oven because they protect the back of your hands, too.

  • Never touch the stovetop with your bare hand. You may not know whether the burners are still hot.

  • Stand back from a hot pan when you remove the lid. You don’t want to get steam burns

  • Be very careful when draining hot pasta or pouring hot liquids like soup from a pot into a bowl. A splatter of boiling water, hot soup, or hot oil can burn you.

  • Never mix hot liquids in a blender. They can explode out of the blender container, even with the lid on.

  • Stand back from hot grease and boiling liquids, including water. These liquids can spatter and burn you, so keep your distance and wear long sleeves.

  • Keep pot handles turned inward. If the handles point out over the edge of the stove, someone could bump them and send a pan full of hot food flying.

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