For many people with autism any disruption of their routine is overwhelming, and a real emergency situation is enough to throw anyone off-balance. So, if you have a loved one with autism, it pays to prepare as best you can before an emergency arises. Use the following tips to prepare your autistic loved one and your whole family:

  • Consider attaching an identification sticker to the door or window of an autistic person’s home to prepare a person coming in to help.

  • Create or purchase a medical alert tag, bracelet, or other notification that identifies a person with autism.

  • Network with relatives, friends, and others to establish a web of contacts for assistance if needed.

  • Register the person on the autism spectrum with the community 911 service as a person with a disability.

  • Have an evacuation plan, and review and practice it frequently with the person on the autism spectrum.

  • Project a sense of calm. People with autism often sense and reflect your emotion.

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