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Facebook is more than a social network — it’s the world’s second most popular video sharing site, after YouTube. It’s important to share your marketing videos on Facebook. Embedding YouTube videos in your Facebook posts works like this:

  1. Upload your videos to your YouTube channel.

  2. Copy the YouTube video’s URL.

  3. Log in to Facebook, and then go to your company’s Page.

  4. Click Link at the top of the Page.

    Paste the YouTube URL of your video into the box that appears. Then click the Attach button.

  5. Add a message.

    Tell your Facebook fans why they should watch this video. To increase your views, mention the word video in your post.


To automate the posting of YouTube videos on Facebook, use specialized video marketing software that allows you to publish your YouTube videos to your company’s Facebook page. If you create video regularly and use more than one social media channel, this can a lot of save time.

To post a YouTube video on Facebook using the Pixability video marketing software, follow these steps:

  1. Log in and choose the video you want to publish.

  2. Click the Promote button.

  3. Click the Facebook check box. Write your post, choose to post to your company Page, and then click Send Update.

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