Look over your marketing video script and list all your locations. Whether you have a single locale, or 20 locales, be sure that all of them are not only appropriate but also interesting and memorable. A strong, unique location sticks in a viewer’s mind and helps portray the true purpose of your video — your message.

As you write your script, keep in mind these important guidelines regarding locations:

  • Be ambitious. Don’t let the lack of a budget inhibit your imagination. If a scene works best in an art museum or a rock concert — or the White House — go ahead and add it to your list. You can think of creative ways to “fake” a location or change it slightly to wherever you end up shooting.

    Rather than try to spice up a boring setting, dial down an ambitious setting to a more realistic level.

  • Be specific. Setting a scene in an office or a house may provide clues to your character. Are you neat as a pin or extremely messy? Ultramodern or old-fashioned? Cold or cozy? The human eye picks up on little details and tells the brain how to feel about the characters.

  • Rewrite to fit the locale. If you have access to a truly unique location, you can also retool your script to incorporate the benefits it offers. A building with unusual architecture, an office with a spectacular view, a lobby waterfall — all are memorable features that can help make your video one of a kind.