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How to Pick a Pug Puppy for a Pet

Part of the Pugs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you select a Pug to share your household, do some research into the breed and know what to look for in a healthy puppy. Pugs can live 12-15 years, so you'll want to choose carefully before making a commitment to your new family member.

Here are some general guidelines you can use when choosing your pet Pug:

  • Check out Pugs from a reputable rescue organization or visit a breeder referred by the Pug Dog Club of America, your veterinarian, or other Pug owner. These breeders have a good reputation; otherwise, they wouldn’t be referred.

  • Ask to see the puppy’s parents or at least the mother and other relatives. They should be friendly and healthy-looking.

  • Look at the conditions the puppy is being raised in. They should be clean, cheerful, and well lit.

  • Observe the litter playing. Don’t pick the shyest puppy or the bully. The best one is somewhere in the middle of these two types, because (s)he’ll be the most agreeable.

  • Check the puppy’s eyes. They should be bright and shining and clear of any discharges.

  • Look at the Pug’s nose. It should be free from discharge, and breathing should be easy.

  • Feel the coat. It should be silky and smooth without any bald patches.

  • Watch how the puppy moves. (S)he should walk or run without limping.

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