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The iPad's lack of support for Adobe Flash video for web pages is a void that is unlikely to ever get addressed. Even Adobe is no longer embracing Flash for mobile devices. But because Flash has been the backbone for video and animations across cyberspace, you may still come across web destinations that rely on it.

All is not lost, even with the absence of Flash. Apple does support an emerging standard for audio and video using Safari — HTML5, among others. And Adobe, too, is now backing HTML5.

In the meantime, you may be able to open Flash videos on the web on the iPad, using Safari, through a couple of workarounds. Skyfire Labs sells an iPad app that can support Flash on many sites. But Skyfire's alternative browser is limited to videos; it does not support Flash games or animations.

Meanwhile, the free-to-try iSwifter app from YouWeb promises to address this shortcoming. So along with video, iSwifter's browser can deliver Flash games on Facebook and Google.

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