How to Open and Adjust the Laptop Screen

Believe it or not, the laptop must be in an open position for you to use it. Here's the catch: The lid has a catch, or possibly two! The catch is either a button that you push in or a little slider that you push sideways to release the lid. After you release the catch (or catches), the laptop's lid pops up slightly. You can then raise it up to an angle best suited for viewing; use the figure as your guide.

Adjust the screen so you view it at just the right angle.
Adjust the screen so you view it at just the right angle.
  • If your laptop has one catch that you must release to open the lid, the catch is probably in the middle. If your laptop has two catch release buttons, they’re on the front corners of the laptop's lid. The catches are on either the front or sides. The below figure offers some hints.

    Possible locations for the lid latch(es).
    Possible locations for the lid latch(es).
  • The front side of the laptop is the side without all the connectors (although, in the future, laptops may have connectors on the front).

  • It's possible to configure the laptop to be on without opening the lid — for example, when you’re using a docking station or an external monitor.

  • Some laptops allow you to play a music CD when the lid is closed, even sporting special buttons to control the CD player.

Be aware that your laptop's cooling system is designed based on the assumption that the lid will be open. Many laptop users who keep their systems on while closed have cooked their displays. Beware!

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