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If you start entering a bunch of checks, deposits, and transfers into your Quicken 2012 registers, you’ll soon find yourself with registers that contain hundreds and even thousands of transactions. You can work with one of these big registers by using the basic tools and techniques.

You also can use the PgUp and PgDn keys to page up and down through your register a screenful of transactions at a time. Some people call this scrolling. You can call it whatever you want.

You can press Ctrl+Home to move to the first transaction in a register and Ctrl+End to move to the last transaction in a register.

You can also use the vertical scroll bar along the right edge of the Transactions tab. Click either above or below the square scroll bar marker to page back and forth through the register.

Or, if you have no qualms about dragging the mouse around, you can drag the scroll bar marker up and down the scroll bar. If you drag the scroll bar marker to scroll through the register, Quicken displays a pop-up box that shows the transaction date you’ve scrolled to.

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